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An autonomous home and personal security system, offering around-the clock protection for the elderly who are living alone.

Repelling home intruders with non-lethal weaponry and serving as a medical alert device, it keeps a watchful eye on your loved ones.

A caring companion, it is able to understand verbal commands and assist in tasks around the home.


With tomorrow’s technology, aggravated burglary will be a crime of the past.

Connected to room motion sensors, the Securibot is aware of all movements throughout the house and quickly investigates suspicious events.

Night and infra-red vision also means that darkness is no cover for the home intruder.

Twin Non-Lethal Punch

Vertigo Beam sonic weapon

Temporarily incapacitates the intruder by affecting the inner ear’s balance mechanism

SpiderSilk projectile

Entangles and restraints him in fine, ultra-strong
sticky threads based on carbon nanotubes until the authorities arrive

Medical Alert System

The Securibot monitors the movements of its owner around the home and registers when he has had an accident or is ill and calls for medical help. It is also able to learn the sleep patterns of its owner and checks on him if things are out of the ordinary.

Companion And Helper

Advanced artificial intelligence enables the Securibot to converse with its owner and keep him or her company. Its hands are able to pick up objects, open doors and help with simple tasks around the home.

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