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Qatar Solar Still


A land of many contrasts, Qatar has one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world but lacks an adequate natural water source.

99% of its water is supplied by desalination plants, which are energy intensive and produce as much carbon emissions as its oil and gas industry.

The Qatar Solar Still produces water from brine, a waste product of the desalination process, using nothing more than the sun’s energy. An array of stills at the city mosques produces water for ritual washing before prayer.

storage tanks

solar still


water pump

ritual washing area

Solar Distillation

Evaporation of the brine produces pure water, which condenses on the glass panels and is collected and stored in the interconnected storage tanks at each end.

Salt Collection

A by-product of the solar distillation process, salt is collected using a vacuum truck for use in industrial processes. Once emptied, each compartment is refilled with brine delivered from the desalination plants.

Water Conservation

To reduce wastage, a metered quantity of water fills a clear glass vessel which supplies the tap. This enables the user to gauge his water usage rate as he performs the cleansing process.

Energy Conservation

A solar-powered water pump generates its own  energy requirements during daylight hours.

Sustainable Construction

Pilkington Activ glass
Self-cleaning, hydrophobic to minimise algae growth, recyclable​

Stainless steel glazing frame

Corrosion-resistant, durable, recycled and recyclable

Reconstituted limestone structure

Utilises waste by-product of limestone industry, more durable than natural limestone

Plant-fibre composite tanks and basins

Avoids toxic petroleum compounds, no paint required, recyclable

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