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Eloquence Videophone


A hands-free video-calling device that tracks the user’s movements around the room and swivels the screen to enable hands-free video conversations, useful when cooking in the kitchen or going about household chores.

Shape memory alloy actuators fold the transparent OLED screen away like a flower petal when not in use and a 360° touchscreen base orients the keypad towards the user at all times.

A Better User Experience

Face-tracking technology, an automatic zoom lens and fast, ultrasonic motors enable the articulating screen to face the user at all times during the conversation.

The video camera is mounted behind the transparent OLED screen, at a location which coincides with the eyes of the on-screen person, thus providing eye-to-eye contact.

Bluetooth Earpiece 

The bluetooth earpiece provides crystal-clear audio anywhere in the room and is useful for noisy environments or for private conversations.

Development of Folding Screen

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